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Local resource for luggage in Austin, TX. Includes detailed information on local businesses that provide access to luggage, travel accessories, carry on luggage, luggage sets, and discount luggage sets, as well as advice and content on luggage brands, lightweight luggage, kids luggage, leather luggage, and designer luggage.

5TH-Lamar Retail I Ltd
(512) 708-9796
907 W 5th St
Austin, TX
Atomic City
(512) 477-0293
1700 San Antonio St
Austin, TX
Penney J C Co Inc
(512) 323-0671
2300 Highland Mall
Austin, TX
Wal-Mart Supercenter
(512) 837-0886
12900 N I 35 Svc Rd S B
Austin, TX
Sam's Club
(512) 343-8262
9700 N Cptl of Tx Hwy
Austin, TX
Sears Hearing Aid Systems
(512) 459-2311
Hancock Shopping Ctr
Austin, TX
Sears Optical
(512) 459-2380
Hancock Ctr
Austin, TX
Sam's Club
(512) 444-0363
5107 I 35 S
Austin, TX
(979) 542-1403
US Highway 290 374 E
Austin, TX
Mervyn's California Department Stor
(512) 443-8555
4040 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX

Traveling In Style: How to Pack, Dress, Behave and other Essential Rules for Travel

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In the world of travel a man needs to know how to carry himself and his stuff. From the cab to the terminal there are rules for a man to follow to make sure he departs and arrives like a gentleman, not like checked baggage. Follow these tips and you’ll do well on your next trip whether for business or pleasure.


Packing and Luggage

The first rule of packing is to pack light. Bring only the necessary items and pick up the rest at your destination.

The second rule of packing is: Real men don’t roll carry-on’s. Carry hers and yours.

I say “real men don’t roll” because of the men I’ve seen who do…the majority of which are the Blackberry toting, 3 button, padded suit jacket wearing set who are always in a rush in the airport and who seem to think their job, next call, or their rolling luggage is more important than anyone else’s. The men I see who carry their bags generally dress better, are more relaxed in the airport and on board, and have better luggage overall. (See Brando, McQueen, Pitt)

If a man buys luggage that’s designed to be rolled then of course he should roll it, but I avoid buying roller luggage in the first place. It also gives you a workout along the way.


1. Pack dress shirts in bundles. Stack them on top of each other with arms spread. Fold the bottom half of the stack under the top half. Cross one set of sleeves across the other. Place on top of other items in your suitcase. Upon arrival remove and hang promptly.

2. Store gadgets in an old dopp kit to keep them safe in one place.

3. Pack your lightest shoes at the bottom of your suitcase and wear your heaviest.

4. Fold and store sweaters the length of your luggage.

5. Wrap anything you don’t want to wrinkle in dry cleaning plastic.


1. Make sure your carry-on luggage is the best quality you can afford. People (more importantly women) will notice, and you’ll be set for life.

2. If you want sturdy and tough luggage go with polycarbonate, aluminum, or Vulcan Fibre. These materials provide both style and function. Since they are made from the toughest stuff on earth be prepared to make a lifetime investment.

3. If you’re in the market for something durable look no further than the synthetic materials nylon and polyester. Both are lightweight and flexible and will keep your traveling in comfort.

4. And if you’re the gentleman looking for style and sophistication you can evolve into the world of animal skin (I’m talking crocodile, alligator, deer, snake skins.) and design. These bags should be limited to your carry on (see tip #1) and should be the best you can afford.


Every man should know how to dress for travel. Remember, traveling (especially international travel) is not a right…it’s a privilege. Treat it as such.

1. Dress up! No man dressed like a schlub in sweat pan...

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