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Every relationship has it ups and downs, and how you handle the roller coast of a relationship will determine the overall outcome. Read the following articles to learn all about love and relationships, divorce and marriage.

5 Affordable Date Night Ideas That Won't Make You Look Cheap Alpena MI

Just because your wallet is hurting these days doesn't mean your romantic life should be. Try out one of these five bargain dates that will not only entertain her, but keep her in the dark about your monetary woes.

Engagement Rings Alpena MI

The first logical step in the engagement ring buying process is to determine how much you want to spend and can spend on a ring. It is traditionally expected for men to spend the equivalent of one to two month's salary. But this figure is arbitrary. There is no set amount that you "should" spend.

Last Minute Gifts Alpena MI

It's Christmas Eve and you're walking a mile through a wet parking lot and you still don't know what you're going to get her? We're here to help and take the edge off your Christmas shopping. We've scoured the internet and the minds of our lady friends to come up with eleven great gifts that you still have time to get.

Relationship Counselors Alpena MI

Good relationships are built on a foundation of communication and the exchange of candid feelings and love. This statement holds even truer for a long distance relationship. For both parties involved, there is nothing more painful than poor communication.