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The complexity of a martini is not so much in the ingredients as the manipulation of those ingredients and the lexicon used to describe them.

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Beyond "Shaken, Not Stirred": Uncovering the Martini

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Martini feature

Once the lunchtime mistress of business execs and the chosen libation of secret agents, E.B. White deemed it the "elixir of quietude," but the martini, despite being the most recognizable cocktail in the world, often is the most misunderstood.

By RK Gella

The complexity of a martini is not so much in the ingredients as the manipulation of those ingredients and the lexicon used to describe them.

To issue such a plain request as "one martini, please" is as vague a practice as asking for a plate of cooked beef from a steak house.

Without dictation the cocktail surrenders personality. The full enjoyment of the final product is highly dependent on several key factors that vary from drinker to drinker. All martinis should contain a personality that thusly if in accordance to his specs will be reflective of the drinkers.

Before deciding what martini fits you best - and please no flavored martinis (which we'll discuss later), it is crucial to first understand what you're getting yourself into and secondly how to get yourself into what you want.

Martini Basics

The Basics

In its most rudimentary description, a martini is a cocktail of gin and dry and/or sweet vermouth. Traditionally the cocktail runs a ratio of three parts gin to one part dry vermouth. It is most commonly served "straight up" in a martini glass and garnished with either olives or a lemon twist.

The recipe would look like this:

1.5 oz. Gin

0.5 oz. Dry Vermouth

Combine ingredients into a Boston shaker and fill with ice. Stir twenty times clockwise then twenty times counter clockwise, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with olives or a lemon twist.

However, if this recipe were universal the intrigue behind the martini would have lost legs a long time ago. Its enigmatic origins - explainable by a number of vying tales - and its malleable nature - Winston Churchill and Earnest Hemingway preferred their martinis custom fitted - has reinforced the character of what so many imbibers around the world find appealing about the martini.

Gin VS. Vodka

Some purists would tell you not to waste your time with such a quandary, and that if you are inclined to choose vodka, order a vodka and soda instead. But the truth is that vodka has become a popular substitute, even if it is absent of the nuances seasoned martini drinkers prefer.

Gin martinis are often prepared to classic standard, with a count of dry vermouth and stirred, while vodka martinis are often served minus vermouth and shaken (to maximize chilling).

The gin martini will offer more recognizable nuances (pine, juniper, coriander, anise) resulting from the chosen gin, paired with the floral and citrus tones of the dry vermouth.

The vodka martini will be rather flavorless, an attribute vodka martini drinkers desire, giving it a dry crisp drinkability.


Although either type of vermouth can be used, dry vermouth is predominant. A combination of dry and sweet vermouth is used on occasion as well (perfect martin...

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